Who’s To Blame For Your Failed Floor?


I just finished reading an article on who’s to blame for flooring failures. Is it the manufacturer, general contractor, installer or owner?  It was interesting to me to find that the owner, in most examples in the article, had to pay to fix the failed floor even though they were not to blame. Ultimately, if there’s a problem PRIOR to installation, whether it be the maple, concrete slab, subflooring or overall conditions in the building, THE INSTALLER should be educated enough to catch it!

Your installer should take extensive records of the conditions in the building and of the hardwood and subflooring prior to installation.  If the conditions are not right, the installation should be delayed until the problem is assessed and fixed.

Most problems don’t come to surface until any type of “warantee” has expired.

The owner should research the contractor they choose for their gym floor needs.
– Check their credentials.  Being certified by the manufacturer and the Maple Flooring Manufacturer’s Association will help with
the basic knowlege of installing a gym floor.
– Call multiple references and ask them a ton of questions.  Find references besides the ones the contractor gives you.  The
contractor will most likely give you references they know will say only good things about them.  Look on their website for
clues to other gyms they’ve done and call on those owners.
– Look at jobs they have already completed and look for obvious mistakes.
– Ask the contractor questions.  If they stumble for the answer or flat out don’t have one, maybe you should hire someone who
knows the answer.

Don’t get caught with a failing floor that no one wants to take the blame for.

Ultimately, it will be you who pays the price.

Watch out for general contractors.  They usually go with the low bid and the installer that they can push around. The gym floor is one of the last things to be completed and the general is usually behind schedule at this point.  It is common for the general to demand the floor be installed in subprime conditions just to get the job done on schedule.  Ask your general for the name of the gym floor contractor they use prior to installation and do some research.  YOU are the one paying for a brand new floor and can specify whom you want to do the work.

There Can Never Be Enough Scissor-Loc Gym Floors


Fort Thomas United School District decided to replace their plastic interlocking tiled gym floor with a maple floor system.  They chose us to install Aacer’s Scissor-Loc system.  The Scissor-Loc gym floor system has been proven to withstand flooding and we guarantee there will NEVER be a dead spot in any of our Scissor-Loc floors.

Fort Thomas USD has a long standing relationship with us keeping their High School gym floor looking brand new, it’s no wonder they would trust their new instalation to us.  Since sanding their High School main gym floor in 2008, we have screen and coated their floor anually eliminating scuff marks and extending the life of the floor with our state of the art process.  Besides normal wear and tear, their floor looks better than the day we left in 2008 and we guarantee an extra 5 years past the MFMA’s recommended sanding schedule before another sanding is due.

Tempe High School – New Look!


Tempe High School needed a new look to their gym floor. They choose Arizona Gym Floors to sand their floor and stain their three point areas!

Water Damaged Flooring Is Our Speciality


Tucson United School District choose Arizona Gym Floors to adhere to their demanding schedule and install a new gym floor.  The 50 year old existing gym floor at the Rincon High School was damaged by a leaking drinking fountain and needed replacement.  The gym was initially installed with a SAND leveler under the floor and the concrete slab was so out of level, the best economical solution was to install Aacer’s Scissor-Loc floor system, with the 3/4″ foam option. The Scissor-Loc floor system, is the only gym floor system that has been flooded twice and is still in use today. If you need an NEW or replacement floor, please let us know so we can show you the advanteges of the Scissor-Loc gym floor system.